"Dark Horse" by Katy Perry is featured on Just Dance Hits.

Appearance of the DancersEdit

The dance style is a cross between futuristic and Egyptian. The routine is performed by a trio of a 3 women. During the chorus, the backup dancers turn males.


The backup dancers, P1 and P3, begin as female cat dancers similar to the music video. Their skin is reddish brown and they wear light blue tops and skirts with dark blue and gold highlights. Their hair is dark blue cut in a bob style having and ombre effect changing to light blue.


P2 is a woman. She has blue hair with red highlights, an Egyptian crown colored in the shades of the outfit, a red like bra shaped top, a blue long skirt with no fabric on front and a big red design, tied with gold chains like a belt. As for footwear, she has gold bejeweled sandals with heels on. During the chorus, she is in a golden bodysuit bejeweled with decorations. During the bridge she has the same outfit as in the verses, but with a black skin and neon outlines.


The background seems to have come from the music video. There's a red carpet within a sand fortress and it takes place within a desert. During the chorus, pyramids appear with a color blue in the top and bottom of a pyramid in a dark sky in the background.

Gold MovesEdit


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, all of which are the same:

All Gold Moves: Cross your arms over your chest and then shake your head during the line. Gold Move 3 is the final move of the routine.

Darkhorse_gm_1.png Darkhorse_gm_2.png Darkhorse_gm_3.png


The song has a mashup with gold moves, and there are 3:

Gold Move 1 and 2: Bend over and put both your hands behind you while semi-crouching. (She Wolf (Falling to Pieces))

Gold Move 3: Cross your arms over your chest, and then shake your head. (Dark Horse [P2])

Shewolf_gm_1.png Darkhorsemu_gm_2.png


Dark Horse has a mashup that was seen in the game files of Just Dance Hits.


[GM#] - indicates a Gold Move. The # refers to the Gold Move's number.

  • Dark Horse (P2)
  • Burn


  • The game uses the Just Dance 2015 album coach rather that the Unlimited one.
  • The mashup was in some of the Just Dance Hits videos, including the gameplay of this song. It is below the tracklist.


Game FilesEdit

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