"Iko Iko" by Mardi Grass is featured on Just Dance Hits.

Appearance of the DancerEdit

The dancer is a woman with pink hair. She has a tribal appearance, which includes a pink headdress with light blue flowers, a pink, purple and blue two-piece fluffy outfit, and purple shoes with dark blue straps. She has a thin blue outline, and her skirt has elements of dark blue and pink. Ikoiko_coach_1_big.png


The background takes place in a blue rainforest. This may be because the background is nighttime.

Gold MovesEdit

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine, which that are all the same:

All Gold Moves: Spin your left hand in a clockwise direction and your right hand in a counter-clockwise at the same time and in rapid motion.

Ikoiko_gm_1.png All Gold Moves

Ikoikogm.gif All Gold Moves in-game


  • This song is performed by Mardi Gras Indians. Its original title is Jock-A-Mo.
  • In the original game, the forest is green.
  • The dancer appears in the FanMade Mashup of Adeyyo.


Game FilesEdit

Ikoiko_jdnow_cover_generic.jpg Iko Iko Ikoiko_unfinished_picto.png Unfinished Pictogram


Iko_iko_remake_back.png Background