The Greatest has a mashup on planedec50's channel.


Dancers Edit


Stuck On A Feeling (JD2016)

Man Down (JD2014) (BETA)

Love You Like A Love Song (JD4) (GM1)

Bad Romance (Official Choreo) (JD2015) (GM2)

Blurred Lines (Extreme) (JD2014)

Papaoutai (African Dance) (JD2015)

Problem (JD2015)

Dark Horse (P2) (JD2015)

Lights (JD2016)

It’s My Birthday (Bollywood Dance) (JD2015)

Cheap Thrills (JD2017)

Taste The Feeling (JDU2016)

So Good (JD4) (BETA)

So Glamorous (JD4)

Blame It On The Boogie (JD2014) (GM3)

Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing) (JD2015) (GM4)

Firework (JD2)

Gold Moves Edit

Gold Move 1:Slowly place your hands in front of you

Gold Move 2:Bring your arms downward and give your legs a slight shake while kneeling.

Gold Move 3:Spin around 

Gold Move 4: Put your right arm up while kicking.

Trivia Edit

  • Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing) gold move has no effects however the gold pictogram appears
  • At the start of the video the mashup have the coach selection screen of Just Dance 2017
  • it is the first mashup of Planedec50 to have it
  • it is one of the few mashups of Planedec50 to have lyrics
  • Man Down pictograms were created by Planedec50 due to in the Just Dance Now files the pictograms are green with red arrows
  • Dark Horse has P2 cut out and removes P1 and P3
  • .You can hear the SUPERSTAR effect twice at the end


The Greatest Just Dance Unlimited FanMade Mashup03:15

The Greatest Just Dance Unlimited FanMade Mashup

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