"Where Have You Been" by Rihanna is featured on Just Dance Hits

Appearance of the DancersEdit

Wherehaveyou coach 1 big
The coach is a woman who appears to be a volcanic goddess. She is wearing a traditional Native-American garment and has tattoos on her arms and legs which glow orange during the instrumentals and bridge. Her outfit is red and consists of a red tribal bra and a long tribal, swaying skirt. Her hair is black with some red highlights and appears to be in dreads. During the choruses, instrumentals and bridge, the dancer's skin turns pitch black. She is barefoot. The dancer has a red outline.


The routine takes place on volcanic ground. Volcanoes, rocks and lava rivers can be seen in the background. During the verses, blue bolts of lightning can be seen in the sky. A ferocious sandstorm can also be seen. During the choruses, the lava rivers become less visible. Cracks and crevices and huge angry flames can be seen in the background. The lava cracks glow and huge flames also spew out. A barrier of steam emanating from an abyss can also be seen in the background. During the instrumental parts, the ground becomes cracked solid rock. The dancer can also be seen standing on a single circular rock ground.

Gold Moves Edit

There are 2 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, both of which are the same:
Both Gold Moves: While on your knees, throw your entire upper body in a circle with your arms up.

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